Concrete is versatile, durable, and easy to maintain. These characteristics make it one of the best choices to use for your commercial or residential driveway. Amigo Construction LLC, has been helping Las Vegas Area businesses and homeowners repair, replace, or build new driveways for over years! Concrete driveways indicate quality of construction and increase the curb appeal of your commercial or home property. At Amigo Construction LLC, we take pride in living out our three core principles in each of our commercial concrete driveway jobs: quality, integrity, and responsibility. Whether your are looking for a residential, commercial, or industrial concrete flooring contractor, those qualities are essential. Our team wants nothing more than to provide you with the quality of service and concrete specialist service, that you expect and deserve.


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“Concrete walkways or sidewalks are more than just a way to get wherever it is you’re going—they can provide much-needed curb appeal to homes and buildings, and they are fast becoming a point of artistic expression by way of a multitude of decorative concrete options. While plain gray concrete is still the most often surface installed, as seen on most concrete sidewalks, there are numerous decorative concrete alternatives sure to dress it up, taking your sidewalk from boring to amazing. The best part is that most of the options will work just as well on an existing walkway, because the concrete industry has rapidly developed many decorative products that can be applied to existing plain concrete walkways. Concrete has become the new material of choice for designers across the U.S. Decorative concrete in all of its stained, colored, molded and personalized glory is popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices and homes everywhere. Now you can find out why!

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