An entry courtyard makes a graceful transition between the streetscape and your doorstep is like the front porches either your business or home like of yesteryear that have become fashionable again, an entry courtyard with the Villa touch sends a welcome message to neighbors and visitors.


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“It’s not uncommon that we receive a client who already has a concrete patio but now needs a bigger one. This can be because you got a new piece of patio furniture, you’re doing renovations before selling your home, or any other number of reasons. Whatever the reason; residential or commercial we handle extended concrete patios with expert knowledge and hands-on practice, so you know you’ve put your patio in good hands. We can either make an extended patio with concrete or even extend concrete patio with pavers to add some extra flair and diversity. We have years of experience in how to extend concrete patio either New, Repair or Replace your patio designs so there’s no surface or area too difficult for us to work with. Or, at least, not that we’ve seen yet!

  • Stamped Courtyard
  • Raised Courtyard
  • Stained Courtyard
  • Extended Courtyard


Amigo Construction LLC specialties; concrete, trash enclousures, courtyard, sidewalk, and concrete needs. Licensed, bonded and insured for Nevada. From structural foundation concrete to custom textured finishes and stains.

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